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How Does Tutoring Help?
Tuition Benefits

How Does Tutoring Help?

Does Tutoring Help? 

Read about 6 of the most important tutoring benefits: 

6 Benefits of Tutoring with Super Tutors Academy

  1.       Boost Intrinsic Motivation
  2.       Improve Performance
  3.       Reduce Stress and Pressure 
  4.       Inspire 
  5.       Simplify Tasks
  6.       Boost Confidence


Super Tutors specialise in boosting student’s intrinsic motivation. When intrinsically motivated a person will perform a task out of enjoyment or because they see the value in the project. Boosting intrinsic motivation will mean the individual will accomplish the mission with desire and enthusiasm. We help students achieve this by providing learning experiences that create a sense of freedom and choice, that encourage persistence and promote a love for learning. Motivated students have a strong sense of self-determination that is essential to success in education and in life. Our Super Tutors understand that motivation is key, that knowledge is power, and that enjoyable lessons will promote life-long learning.


Increasing performance is an important factor whether or not students are struggling academically. At Super Tutors Academy, we pride ourselves on developing skills and enhancing the grades of our students. We cater for learning of any ability or level and encourage students to adopt various approaches to develop their learning capability and improve performance. Students who are provided with the tools to build and master key skills required for education and life will reach their full potential and progress at a better rate than those who lack these skills. We employ a variety of approaches that encourage self-learning, boost self-belief and confidence.  Our most beneficial methods are practice, coaching and mentoring, direct tutoring, and teaching specific skills to boost grades.


Pressure and stress are detrimental to learning. Students who learn under these conditions are more likely to struggle academically. Studies have shown that pressure and stress can impair cognitive functioning and memory, lower students’ persistence in education, and lead to mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Students often impose unrealistic pressure on themselves by trying to seek approval or praise from parents, friends, coaches, or teachers.  This can lead to the feeling of failure when they don’t reach the goals they have set. Super Tutors Academy focuses on changing perspectives and encourages students to free themselves from this type of pressure.  We emphasise success motivated by the love of learning as opposed to the fear of failure or disappointing others. 



Super Tutors Academy is all about love, happiness, fun and laughter! Promoting a passion for learning in everything we do! Like super-heroes, we go to great lengths to make a difference in people’s lives. We aim to not only leave lasting, colourful impressions on our students’ minds, but also warm and caring impressions in their hearts. Our tutors understand the importance of inspiring lessons. We strive to make our sessions fun, dynamic and as interactive as possible. We aim to inspire all students to embrace education, to develop a passion for learning, and to understand that knowledge and education are powerful tools that can pave the way to a beautiful future.



At Super Tutors Academy, we understand that most students face barriers to learning. Students can become demoralised at the thought of completing a task because it seems too complicated or too difficult, believing they lack the ability to succeed. This can at times become overwhelming which leads to a further hampering of confidence and self-belief. Super Tutors Academy uses a methodical, systematic approach to learning. This makes us super at helping students simplify difficult or complicated tasks. By teaching students to approach problems with a step by step, bitesize method, we soon turn mountains into molehills. This approach teaches students that they can overcome obstacles; helping boost confidence and encouraging challenge, persistence, and mastery.


One of the most stifling characteristics we see in students is a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. This can contribute to low academic performance and hinder the ability to learn new material and succeed in learning. We use various strategies to help students develop a sense of mastery in their studies that will in turn lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and competence. Our primary focus is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere; to settle students’ nerves and help them feel safe and secure. When relaxed, students are more confident, open to challenges and are free to take risks in learning without the fear of making mistakes. This friendly, supportive approach alongside enjoyable, tailor-made lessons that target and address students’ needs, helps to instil self-belief, enhance self-esteem, and boost confidence. Confidence boosting and removing the fear of failure are crucial first steps in helping students overcome difficulties, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential.


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