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Tutors for Primary School Children

Primary Tuition in one-to-one and group settings, starting at just £15/hr. Tutors are either primary school teachers or are educated to degree level or higher. All tutors are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience tutoring a range of exam boards within the UK and Northern Ireland for primary level exams such as SATs, 11-plus, transfer tests (e.g.,GL, AQE, CEM).

From early years to the end of primary school, we’ve got you covered!

Younger kids tend to struggle with things like remembering the phonic sounds, with sounding words, and with hand coordination in writing. We use a series of methods to teach children coordination and vary our techniques when teaching sounding, reading and writing. We use a range of resources to help children get to grips with numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. The fun part is bringing it all to life by creating real-world settings where kids can shop, play, act and create whilst exploring fun features such as money, shapes, sizes and colours. As all parents know, children can tire or get bored easily with academic topics. We are skilled in keeping kids entertained and engaged throughout the learning process by making the lessons fun, varied, interactive and dynamic.

The later years can pose additional challenges with new concepts that children find difficult to grasp. Common topics in maths that students often need help with are fractions, percentages, decimals, angles, units, time, multiplication, division and word problems. For English, besides the usual difficulties with reading, writing and comprehension; tricky topics for students are homophones, plurals, spelling, punctuation and grammar. We use a variety of tools and educational games and resources to help students grasp concepts. Learning in a fun, interactive way helps students grasp concepts more quickly, and helps them remember and apply the concepts in tasks and tests. We pay particular attention to pressure to perform and exam stress that children in the later years of primary school begin to face. We teach kids ways to counteract these pressures and to embrace learning and face challenges with determination, confidence and positivity.

Why Primary School children can benefit from tutoring

Primary School Tutoring Options

Tutor's Home Tutoring

Tutoring in the familiar setting of your own home. Serving towns and cities in Northern Ireland and their surrounding areas.

Online Tutoring

Convenient lessons any time, any place, anywhere!

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Home Tutor Tutors

Tutoring in the familiar setting of your own home. Serving towns and cities in Northern Ireland and their surrounding areas.

In the Hub Classrooms

Classroom Tuition in Carrickfergus. Now taking bookings for April 2023 - limited spaces available. Don’t miss out!

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Why Super Tutors Academy for Primary School Tuition?






JA – lets have unique content in the section below with specifically primary tuition. Reasons why you use STA for your primary school child:  

Hand Vetted Tutors in County Antrim

Handpicked Tutors for Primary School Level Tuition

At Super Tutors Academy, we are extremely selective when bringing on primary-level tutors. Out of hundreds of applicants, only a select few make it through our rigorous screening process which involves a series of interviews, lesson demonstrations and subject knowledge testing. This ensures that our students get the very best out of their tuition. Tutors are thoroughly vetted, with recent enhanced CRB/DBS checks, and have experience and qualifications at Primary level.

Friendly tutor service

You and your child choose the best learning environment

We acknowledge that every child is different. That is why at SuperTutors Academy we have worked with parents and children to offer 4 learning environments; Online, Home Visits, Tutor's Home at in a Classroom environment at our SuperTutor Academy Hub.

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5-Star Reviews

To maintain the highest of standards and remain at the forefront of academic excellence, our team is committed to continual professional growth and development. This ensures that we consistently provide our clients and students with an outstanding service that you can trust. Our Google Reviews are testament to our service’s exceptional quality.

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Expert Primary School Tutors

Our highly experienced tutors are experts in their field. All are educated to degree level with most having teaching qualifications and extensive teaching experience. Some tutors hold masters and doctoral degrees. Tutors share teaching resources and ideas, train together and learn from one another to enhance their teaching, improve their professional development and provide an optimal learning experience for all.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our tutors are amazing 🙂 However, if you are not completely satisfied after the first lesson, we will offer you a complimentary lesson with an alternative tutor. While this rarely occurs, it is important to us that you feel completely satisfied that your tutor is the right fit for you/your child. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients and students are happy and have a positive experience from start to finish. All lessons are recorded for safeguarding and quality and training purposes.

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