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Our mission is to make learning fun, interactive and enjoyable. We strive to support our students’ needs; boost their self-esteem and confidence; and motivate, inspire and encourage them to become independent, life-long learners.

Super Tutors Academy’s Vision and Values

The vision for Super Tutors Academy is to inspire happiness and enjoyment through promoting a passion for education and learning. By leading a culture that is dedicated to the development and advancement of teaching expertise, knowledge and experience, we aim to foster a love of learning in our students and the wider community.

The guiding principles of Super Tutors Academy are to place great value in excellence, expertise, enthusiasm, professionalism and passion. To maintain the highest of standards and remain at the forefront of academic excellence, our team is committed to continual professional development and growth, ensuring the consistent provision of an outstanding, trustworthy and reliable service. We believe in respect, compassion and dignity for all people and remain devoted to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Our Story


Dr Julie-Anne White (Founder & Director)
Doctorate in Education (EdD) | MA in English | PGCE English & Drama

At the heart of Super Tutors Academy is a love for teaching and learning, a passion for collective professional development and a desire to support our students to reach their full potential.  The teaching approach of Super Tutors Academy is constantly adapting to fulfil our mission of encouraging independent learning, promoting a motivation to learn and inspiring life-long learning.  We aim to bring a love of learning to all our students.  Hence our motto, “Love Learning, Learn with Us!”

Julie-Anne, is a fully qualified secondary school teacher and highly experienced educator with over 20 years’ teaching experience. She has not only taught at pre-school, primary, secondary and university level but has taught across the globe in Taiwan, Mexico, Ecuador, Gran Canaria, England and Northern Ireland.

Passionate about improving teaching and learning, Julie-Anne pursued her Doctorate in Education, carrying out research in the fields of education and psychology. Her research covers a variety of areas such as student and teacher mental health, teacher stress, bullying, behaviour management, and children’s rights. She specialises in motivation in education: supporting the basic needs and wellbeing of both students and teachers whilst promoting a motivation to learn.  Through fostering an internal form of motivation, teachers can inspire and motivate students to carry out their work, not because they ‘have to’ but because they want to, either for the enjoyment of it or because they see the value in it.  This not only helps develop a love of learning but can encourage life-long learning.

Julie-Anne has used her extensive knowledge and experience from research and practice to design teacher training programmes for both schoolteachers and tutors alike. She has built an amazing team at Super Tutors Academy.  All tutors participate in training events and share the ethos that learning should be as enjoyable as we can make it.  Our focus on self-improvement, self-assessment and teacher professional development and training ensures that we are providing our students with top-quality tuition whilst satisfying our own needs for growth and development.  

Love Learning with Us!

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Hand Vetted Tutors in County Antrim

Handpicked Tutors

At Super Tutors Academy, we are extremely selective when bringing on new members to our team. Out of hundreds of applicants, only a select few make it through our rigorous screening process which involves a series of interviews, lesson demonstrations and subject knowledge testing. This ensures that our students get the very best out of their tuition. Tutors are thoroughly vetted, with recent enhanced CRB/DBS checks.

Friendly tutor service

Friendly Service

Our tutors and client managers are very helpful, caring, patient and approachable. Tutors strive to create a warm, friendly and safe learning environment where students can feel confident: to flourish, succeed and grow. With extensive subject knowledge and an enthusiasm for their subject, they demonstrate a natural flair and ability to teach.

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5-Star Reviews

To maintain the highest of standards and remain at the forefront of academic excellence, our team is committed to continual professional growth and development. This ensures that we consistently provide our clients and students with an outstanding service that you can trust. Our Google Reviews are testament to our service’s exceptional quality.

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Expert Tutors

Our highly experienced tutors are experts in their field. All are educated to degree level with most having teaching qualifications and extensive teaching experience. Some tutors hold masters and doctoral degrees. Tutors share teaching resources and ideas, train together and learn from one another to enhance their teaching, improve their professional development and provide an optimal learning experience for all.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our tutors are amazing 🙂 However, if you are not completely satisfied after the first lesson, we will offer you a complimentary lesson with an alternative tutor. While this rarely occurs, it is important to us that you feel completely satisfied that your tutor is the right fit for you/your child. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients and students are happy and have a positive experience from start to finish. All lessons are recorded for safeguarding and quality and training purposes.

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